‘Why am I not getting pregnant?’

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Based in Warwickshire, with clinics in Stratford-Upon-Avon and Leamington Spa, I work with clients who are trying to conceive naturally, or who are undergoing IVF.

Is stress stopping me from getting pregnant?
What can I do to get pregnant?
How can I increase my fertility?
Should I be taking vitamins to boost my fertility, and which vitamins help fertility?
Can hypnotherapy help me to conceive?

These are just some of the questions that I get asked by women who are frustrated that they aren’t conceiving, when everyone else around them seem to be getting pregnant so easily.

“Getting pregnant is taking over my life” - this is generally the first thing women say to me when we first meet. Trying to conceive can become extremely stressful, and stress can impact negatively on your fertility.

Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or whether you are going through IVF treatment, hypnotherapy is hugely benefical.

Fertility Hypnosis has now been shown to help women who are trying to conceive. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Fertility Hypnotherapy I have extensive experience in seeing how the process can create a negative thought patterns, and this in turn can cause hormonal imbalance, and it is this that can actually stop you conceiving.

Fertility Hypnotherapy can help you If you are finding it difficult to feel positive, so if you think this might be getting in the way of you getting pregnant, then get in touch. I can help you to control your thoughts, and feel more relaxed. We can also explore if something is holding you back emotionally, and if it is, we can work on resolving it.

If you are planning IVF, ICSI, or IUI and you want to make sure that the process is as stress free as possible, so that you feel you have done everything in your power to give yourself the best chance of it being successful.

Please do get in touch, and don’t let stress be the thing that ruins this opportunity for you. If you are feeling immense pressure for it to work, this can actually end up being the reason that it doesn’t. Some support along the way, could be all you need.

Which fertility clinic is the best? What fertility tests can be done? When should i look into fertility treatment? Which fertility treatment is the right one for me? What fertility drugs work best? What is unexplained infertility? What can i do about unexplained infertility? Constant questions like these, that consume you when you are trying to conceive can actually create the feelings of anxiety, and anxiety can then be the cause you are not conceiving.

We all know the mind and body are intrinsically linked and we now have evidence to suggest that psychological issues are a contributing factors to fertility issues in some women.

You may have been diagnosed as being medically infertile, and if this is the case then you will no doubt have been offered certain treatment.  However, if no medical reason has been diagnosed, then the obstacles may be psychological rather than physical.

The subconscious mind plays a vital role in everything we do,  along with either assisting or resisting conception.   The fears and worries that you naturally go through when trying for a baby, can affect the process, because the subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between actual threat and perceived threat.  So it is always worthwhile trying to manage your psychological or emotional state.

Our minds are set up to try and achieve our goals, and as the majority of women spend much of their younger lives actively trying not to get pregnant, when the goal changes, into then trying to become pregnant, the subconscious mind, for so long conditioned to avoidance, can take a little time to catch-up.

Often there are also additional subconscious conflicts that need to be resolved before conceiving, and this is where hypnotherapy  for fertility can play and invaluable part, and be extremely beneficial.  Particularly for when couples suffer from psychogenic infertility.

You may not consciously be aware that there is internal conflict, however this can be ascertained during the initial hypnotherapy session.  Once any block, or barriers have has been established, specific techniques can be used to address these issues, swiftly and easily.

Give me a call to get your initial session booked in, and understand what could potentially be holding you back.

“Bad thoughts can feed every cell in the body, leading to psychological blocks that stand in the way of conception. When it comes to having a baby, most people understand the importance of looking after themselves physically. Negative moods like stress, anxiety and depression cause hormonal imbalances in the body that can suppress ovulation, sexual activity and sperm count.

We need to become masters of our brains by dedicating time, energy and focus to calm the mind and positively influence our bodies’ hormones that affect reproduction. The mind can affect a person’s ability to get pregnant on many levels. Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of accessing the mental state, giving you the power to reduce stress, boost positivity, release deep-seated fears and reprogramme unhelpful habits”

- Zita West

How Hypnotherapy can improve your fertility

increase your chances of conceiving …
All these negative emotions can have a detrimental impact on the odds of conception by

“We had been trying for over 2 years, so after just 3 sessions with Sarah,
I could not actually believe I was pregnant. It felt like a miracle”


  • Suppressing luteinizing hormone
  • Increasing serum cortisol levels
  • Inhibiting hypothalamic Gnrh function
  • Preventing implantation of a fertilized egg
  • Reducing egg quality
  • Delaying release of eggs
  • Elevating prolactin levels

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